About Yex

Yex is part of Best Fresh, one of the leading players in the fruit and vegetable sector for over 90 years. Best Fresh is a group of specialist companies, each with their own expertise, range, and approach. Every company has its own character and can benefit from the synergy and the history of the group.

We import the best

Yex is an importer of surprising fruit and vegetables from all over the world. Our range falls into three groups:

Exotic vegetables

Exotic fruit


Customers can buy the complete range from the three main groups at Yex. Yex supplies wholesale and retail throughout Europe, with the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Germany as our most important markets. In 2020 we had to make a shift towards a more retail-focused approach, because the demand from wholesale and foodservices declined due to COVID19.

Making life easy and fun

We stayed true to our principles and our core values. This mindset helped us tremendously through turbulent times.