The Yex family

Yex strongly believes in shortening chains. Due to extensive collaboration with farmers, it is possible to be a specialist in all aspects involved in the cultivation, harvesting, packaging, transport, and marketing of products. For that reason, Yex has joined forces with farmers for a number of important products in the form of joint ventures.

Strategic partnerships

In such a strategic partnership, we get the most benefit from each other’s strengths and expertise. This results in certainty in product range and efficient service for the customer. We invest together in further product and market development, and we offer our customers availability all year-round.

This allows our customers to buy directly from the farmer, while the farmer can focus on their core task: growing beautiful products. Together we ensure access to the European market. We support each other in all aspects of marketing, logistics, quality control and sustainability.

Joint ventures

In 2020 we started working on 2 more joint ventures with our growers. The first one is an avocado joint-venture and the second one a pomelo joint venture. Both are partners that have been with Yex for a long time.