Connecting with our customers (online)

At Yex we invest a lot in customer relations. Our business is not limited to just delivering products. We want to grow with our customers and get stronger together each day. You get to know each other better and build a bond. Moreover, you also learn to understand each other better and as such, processes are coordinated better.

Unfortunately, the current conditions with COVID-19 are not helping when it comes to physically visiting our customers. However, there have been some great opportunities to see and speak to customers online. We all hope, of course, that the current situation with COVID-19 will soon be behind us, allowing us to get back to customers and meet them again in person. Until then, we have found a good solution in “the new way of working”. The strategy here is to strengthen customer relations. The stronger the relationship, the greater the trust and the more efficient the collaboration. Everyone benefits from that. It is therefore important that customers do not have one single contact person within the organisation, but several. This ensures that the customer becomes familiar with the organisation.

What we are truly proud of at Yex is our team spirit and our solidarity. Of course we have different personalities, but we work together closely and there is a lot of contact between colleagues. Despite being stuck at home for weeks, we still saw and spoke to each other online every day. The solidarity certainly did not falter. At Yex, we are particularly proud of our drive to create something beautiful with Yex and Discovered and to make a difference in the market. That is the foundation of the continued growth we have experienced in recent years.